A Forthright Fusion

Hello everyone! I’m back at blogging from a different account. Please follow my new blog ‘Forthright Fusion’ to hear more about my travels, grad-school, and my life in general!


Life is all about change. I’ve realized how true that statement is as I’ve gotten older, especially in the past several years of my life after I graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Social Work. Undergrad was great; I had way too much fun and drank way too many PBRs.

Throughout my youth I always wanted something different, a fresh start, new friends, you name it. I felt trapped in Colorado – the only place that I knew as home. It wasn’t because I was unhappy, although I definitely dealt with bouts of depression, but I always had this desire to explore and experience new things.

So… I did what any rational twenty-something would do and I decided to join the Peace Corps to move halfway across the world. I always considered volunteering for the Peace Corps, so during my final year of undergrad I decided…

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